Wednesday, May 21

A little Crime & Punishment with your macchiato?

I was a freshman in college before I read this book (Crime and Punishment by F. Dostoyevsky). Sarah's just getting a head start, I guess.
While I was busy in the kitchen, I noticed it was pretty quiet in the living room. This is what I found. Sarah had pulled the book off the bottom shelf and started leafing through the pages, oh so carefully.


Lys, has been bugging me to post this (thanks for the gentle prodding...ha, ha).

A couple weekends ago, Sarah was at the table with Rob and I saying,
"My ordo isssss, a mediiiiiuuuuuum (pause), non-faaaaaat (pause), caramel macchiato", which is just what Rob had ordered that morning at Starbucks. Sarah was spot-on with the pauses and inflections in her voice. Hilarious!


LilySea said...

That is too cute!

Jen said...

hilarious!!! What a cutie.

Lys said...

I can vouch for that - I thought it was great!!