Monday, May 19

{exhale} if only for an hour

After dropping Sarah off at preschool this morning, I ran to the store and came home. The picture below was my hang out for at least an hour. It was a tad chilly, but I am OK with that. I enjoyed IMing some friends, drinking my grande, non-fat, caramel macchiato and looking at the basket of flowers I received yesterday (see 2nd photo). Very relaxing after a busy weekend, just what the doctor ordered. Oh, I was able to leave Sarah at preschool with no crying and no tears (on both our parts)!

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Chellie said...

Beautiful place to hang out!

Lys said...

Hey the furniture looks like it fits really well! Glad preschool is going well. I like chilly too - wish it could be spring all summer long...if you haven't already, you need to blog R's coffee order... ;)

LilySea said...

LOVE the furniture. I wanna have tea on that table while the kids cavort in the yard. Soon!