Wednesday, November 13

Testing, testing...

Anyone still out there? 
Jeepers creepers, Facebook has taken over my photography life more than I expected. I am sorry that you have been neglected.

Does this help?

Tuesday, April 23

Engagement Session

These two were naturals together. 
Thanks for being such "easy" clients, you two lovebirds. 


Monday, November 5

The B family + 2

I don't know what else to say about this family, but, I love them. 
Thanks again for sharing your family (and then some) with me and making me laugh, D and D!

Thursday, November 1

You never would have known...

...that Little Man M was under the weather this day.  He is growing up FAST.  
Thank you for sharing your wonderful family with me, J and D.  

Tuesday, October 30

The F Family

The wonderful family photo sessions continue. 
It's so hard to take pictures and focus on MY job when I have 2 of the funniest, goofiest boys running the show. Seriously.
I always have a great time with you guys. 

Monday, October 29

My chiropractor and her family

I love my chiropractor, Dr. Emily. 
 Thank you for all you've done for me in making my life less painful, one adjustment at a time. :-)
I love your beautiful family!

Thursday, October 25

The "F" Family, Round 3

One of the many things I love about photographing families is watching them all grow.  I had the privilege to be with this family for the 3rd time. I am honored that they keep coming back year after year. 
The cuteness that day was overwhelming!
Thank you, A and M, for sharing your beautiful family with me!

Friday, October 19

A One Year Old's Posse

This little firecracker is clearly loved by many.
Thank you for sharing your family with me, Little K!

Tuesday, October 9

Little G and Big Sister

These two cuties were quite the troopers in the really cold, fall morning.
Thanks for sharing your family with me, again, Dave and Jamie.

Monday, October 1

Morning Glory