Thursday, November 8

Time Flies

Almost two years ago, to the date, my mom, Sarah and I hopped a plane to visit my sister and her family in the D.C. area. It's hard to believe it's been that long ago already (see pics below).
Well, today my mom, Sarah and I hop in the car for a roadtrip to visit my sister and her family again. Traveling will be a bit different in the car vs. airplane, but Sarah's always been a good passenger. (Uh oh, did I just jinx it?)

I will see you in about 6 days with some great adventures to share.

November 2005
Sarah and I on the airplane.

My sister and Sarah

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Lys said...

My goodness - how has Sarah grown up!! I almost can't believe it's her unless I ignore the hair and focus on the face. She's such a model these days - travel safe!

The Atkisson Family said...

Have fun!! Have a safe trip and a wonderful visit. See you when you get back. P.S. When visiting the inlaws, Chocolate Pattie is worth checking out :)

Kristi said...

You've always been a great photographer, and even looking at your pictures now compared to the summer, I think you have improved a lot! You're so very talented!

Anonymous said...

These pics of Sarah look so much like SAM!!!~Mary