Sunday, January 1

Day 1 - 2012 Challenge

Here I go again. In 2007, I took the photo-a-day challenge. I haven't thought about doing it since then because, well, I've been a tad busy. Since 2007, my (now 6 yr old) daughter was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2008, intense therapy and major life altering decisions were made. Then, after much thought and discussion, my husband and I had another child in 2010. There it is in a very small nutshell! I have been keeping up on my "people" photography and want to continue to grow that business a bit as well this year.
I've felt my non-person photography creativity slipping a bit and hopefully this gives me a good jump start!
Thanks for visiting. Don't forget to come back tomorrow. ;)

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Chellie said...

I commented on this but I guess it didn't show up! Don't remember what I said now, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

Donita said...

Thanks, Chel!