Wednesday, March 30

Once in a Blue Moon

Every now and again, not very often, I have one of those moments where I just HAVE.TO.SHARE.A.PICTURE! I've had this picture for a few days and passed it on my computer multiple times - not sure if I was ga-ga over it or not. Just a few moments ago, I processed it with some sharpening, highlights and shadow tools and OMG, it jumped off the computer at me, immediately. I am so in love, I think I will blow this one up for my dining room. I wasn't sure how I liked the Tulips on the left being cut off, but I like the off-center feel, so I am okay with it.
Thanks for listening! I'm going to go stare at it some more. ; )


Chellie said...

Absolutely spectacular.

Chellie said...

Hey! Any chance I could get a print of this one? Hmmm? I just love it, and it would look great with my new throw pillows in the den. :)