Thursday, November 18

Photo Adventure

On a whim, I decided to see if I could snap a few photos of Sarah to replace her summer photo in the living room. We were both a little bored, so I thought she may be up for the adventure. Sarah isn't much for posing these days unless she is saying "cheese", which always give her a silly/strained look to her face. I tried to get her to just look at the camera with no smile or you see below...that didn't work out very well.

Then, I asked her to smile pretty without showing her teeth. Here's what I got.
You can start to see the tears welling up in her eyes as she was getting REALLY irritated with me.

After many clicks of the shutter, we were both D.O.N.E. Once I "released" her, we went to the kitchen. As I turned around to see what she was doing, this is the pose she was striking. Now, if only it was in front of the beautiful dining room windows and not the messy, outdated kitchen.

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Chellie said...

Oh she is too yummy! I can definitely relate with the kids not cooperating with mom doing the photographing! Maybe in the last one you can just cut her out and superimpose her in another setting? HA!