Tuesday, January 26


Anyone want to help pick me out of this photog slump? I rarely pick my camera up these days and if I do, it's to take a pic of my daughter and/or her friends. While shopping last week, I picked up some beautiful pinkish/purple mum-type flowers, hoping to take some pics and feel like my photog self again. Today, I finally got around to taking some of those pictures. In all honesty, it was nice to take the pics, but don't know that it will get me out of this slump.
(I'll be patient and keep trying, I promise.)


This post is dedicated to my canine friend, Hoosier. She became a part of my best friend's family almost 12 yrs ago and has been in my heart ever since. Now, she is fighting to stay alive. I love you, Hoosie (and Chellie, Sean, Jack and Cyd, too)!

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Chellie said...

Those are fantastic!!!

Jennifer said...

Slump? I see no slump! You just need a little sunshine for those great glowing pictures.

Caroline said...


Your pictures have been a bright spot in my day. Thanks for sharing :) --Carolline

Donita said...

Gosh, you friends know how to make one feel good. : ) Thanks for your uplifting comments.

From the Land of Oz said...

I agree they are beautiful! I wish I was living there so in two weeks I could "help" you come out of your slump (although I am not certain you are in one)...nothing like a baby (you are photog'ing) pee down the mantel huh?! LOL! Miss you.