Monday, December 28

Where Have I Been?

Please forgive me for being so quiet on this blog! A part of me feels that no one is interested in reading my blog as Facebook seems to have taken over the entire Internet world. But, the real reason for not posting is that I have been a bit preoccupied by a little something growing in my belly. That's right - I am 16 wks pregnant. Unfortunately, I have been pretty sick and not able to enjoy my camera much these days. I am hoping this will soon pass, so I can feel energized and motivated to get out and capture some of the beautiful snow we received over the Christmas weekend.

In the meantime, here's a few pics from Thanksgiving weekend.
This first one is Sarah and her favorite animal - Cat. My sis' horse, River, is boarded at this barn. Sarah and Cat have fallen in love with each other. Can you blame either of them? They are both so darn cute.

This is Luci, (otherwise known to me as Luci-Lu-Lu) my parents daschund.
She's just a doll. It was purely by accident that I got this shot of her wink!

Sarah had to join in the winking fun, too!

I hope you had a great Christmas weekend.
See you soon, I hope. ; )
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Tina said...

I read blogs still!!! I do alot of double posting from Facebook to here, but most of my family would rather see a personalized blog. So don't negelct us blog readers! Glad to see you pop over to mine once in a while, too!
Love the new pictures!!!

Hope to see you guys sometime soon. It's been WAY too long!

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Neat, I was happy to see your update this morning.


Kelly said...

I'm feeling the same way - darn that Facebook :) I love your blog! Great pics!

Mom (mimi) said...

awwwww....precious Sarah AND one of Luci-lu-lu too. How sweet is that!! *wink...wink*

Dori said...

I admit I don't look at blogs much these days, bt whenever I think of looking at blogs I always go to yours :)
I'm really bad keeping up with mine too. Had a couple relatives nag me about it over the holidays...

Dori said...

Hey! Half my comment was missing :(. What I wanted to comment on was that AWESOME pic of Lucy! Too funny. I'm a sucker for a good dog pic.