Saturday, December 6

Merry Christmas to me!

Last month, my friend, Lynette, emailed to tell me about Snapfish having this deal (well, it was via the Oprah show) that if you order a $29.99 photo book from them, you get it free and just pay the shipping. A hardcover photo book for $7.00? Score!
Thanks for the head's up, Lynette!

I am always up for that kind of deal. So, after much thought, I decided to use this book to highlight my photo year. After painstakingly going through all my photos, I picked the 20 to place in the book.

Those choosing this photo mission on Snapfish were warned that processing and shipping might take a while, as they (at Snapfish) didn't seem to be prepared for the enormous number of, it's Oprah, ya'll?! I mean, hello?

To my surprise, when I fetched the mail last week, I found a Snapfish box sticking out of it. First thought to myself, "oh yeah, the photo book I did of Sarah!" After a long pause, my second thought, "I don't remember making a photo book of Sarah, what could this be?" I had totally forgotten what I put in this book. It was a pleasant surprise when I opened the box, saw the front cover and remembered this was the book of some of my favorite shots in 2008.

It was a nice gift to myself...and a nice little surprise, thanks to my forgetfulness.
Here's a few pages I wanted to share. You can click on the picture to enlarge it, if you'd like.


Wheat grass from the Cinci Flower Show
Remember that exhibit, Chel? It was a "wall" of wheat grass.

Left: window from Shannon's old residence (I miss that place and you guys, too).
Right: my fave coffee shop in town.

Left: leaves
Right: local park

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Chellie said...

That's so cool. I love the cover. Merry Christmas to YOU!
xo, Chel

Tina said...

beautiful!! I want a copy! Would be a great coffee table book!

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The Atkisson Family said...

very cool