Wednesday, December 31

Another Point of View

Have you ever had the dulldrums with your house? But, when you check it out from another point of view (for me, through the camera lens and in black and white) you come to appreciate it in a whole new way? Well, it happened to me when Sarah, Abby and I were just hanging out in the living room on the couch. The light was coming in through this window so beautifully and I wanted to capture the moment. At times, I am tired of my hodge-podge of furniture, worn-out rugs, toys...everywhere, but doesn't look so bad in this snapshot!
For those that don't know, this is the dining room and the "swing" door to the right goes into the kitchen.
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Heather said...

D, I love your house! But I hear what you are saying. About once a month, I feel like throwing all of my furniture away and starting all over.

From the Land of Oz said...

Funny how we love other's houses.....each time I visit you I think "Wow..this is AMAZING!" It has so much character and this snapshot captured some of it..what a seat for a laptop and cup of hot cocoa on a cold morning!

The Atkisson Family said...

Great shot, it captures the feel of your home perfectly- I too, have to say though, I love your house. It just has such a neat feel to it. (Now my house on the other hand..... wonder how much the guy/person made off of my grandma's and if they are for hire. LOL. I should NOT even joke about that...)