Tuesday, October 14

We're Back...and Tuckered Out!

We made it back from Chicago (via the Grandparents place) last night about 9pm. I haven't downloaded my pics yet. I hope to get some of them posted this afternoon. This year's marathon was the 3rd hottest Chicago Marathon, not so good. But, Rob ran his fastest marathon yet. 4 hrs 28 min 09 seconds. Pretty darn good, given the weather sucked. It was 84 degrees by 11am, which is pretty darn hot considering the "best" temp for a marathon is 50 degrees! Rob and his brother finished at the same time with their arms around each other...awwwwww. I was able to see Rob 4 times on course which was awesome. It was a beautiful day for us spectators - so no complaints from me (other than the walking, walking, walking, walking) but, really, no complaints.
On a squishy note: it was pretty cool to have our 12 year wedding anniversary on marathon day too!

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Lys said...

He's only improving with age - I'll try to make it back there for his 20th Chicago Marathon...lol.

Congrats on the anniversary - time flies etc etc...glad you had a great time.