Monday, October 27

Cousin N

I had the privilege of taking some photos at my cousin N's wedding this past weekend. I wasn't "on the hook" for all of them (whew) as I couldn't make it in time to take the before shots. Plus, I have never done a wedding before! Ack! It's nerve-racking. : )
In any case, thanks for the practice, N.
Love ya!

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Mom (mimi) said...

So Pretty!! I am anxious to see the rest of your pics from N's wedding. I know you got some real goodies.... Loved how you kept popping up 'where ever'..(you go girl) :)

Missie said...

OM gosh honey...all of your pixs are spectacular (i am bias too)...but nick will cherish these always. GREAT JOB!!...

Want to down load some of your fall pixs too,,,will talk soon
"Love you"