Wednesday, July 23

Flying Fish

You think I am kidding with that title. I have seen nothing like this and I haven't held that sheltered of a life (having spent the first 15 yrs of my life in WI and MN, fishing, swimming in lakes, etc). As my husband and I walked along one of the rivers in IL on our time away, we notice a boat on the river and these fish just jumping/flying out of water around the boat! It was fascinating. So, the story goes (very loosely I might add). These Asian Carp were brought in to some lakes in Iowa to kill the algae. But what they didn't know was that these fish kill all other lake/river dwelling creatures along with the algae. Huh. Now, they have found their way to the Illinois River and are hatching like rabbits and killing everything in the river. This is where the bow and arrows come in to the story (so I say). You heard me. Look carefully at what these men are holding in the back of the boat.

Here fishy, fishy, fishy! Boing - it's a hit!

I wasn't fast enough to click the picture of the fish-killer holding on to his prize (he held it up for me, nice fella).
It was quite a show. Anyone else seen this type of shenanigans?
Click on the photo to enlarge it, if you dare.
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Lys said...

Brett and I both think the last photo is excellent - a nice action shot!

The Atkisson Family said...

It's like the fish version of those nasty orange ladybug looking things - that bite! Those were brought in to kill off crop eating plants, problem is they have no natural preditors, so now they are everywhere!