Saturday, July 5


This was my first shot at taking fireworks pictures since I received my digital SLR a year and a half ago. I read a little on this site about settings, etc. He recommends (it's a requirement, really) to use a tripod, which I ended up not using, as I forgot the part that locks the camera on the tripod (the most important piece...grrr....). These pictures are nothing fantastic, by any means, but I am happy how they turned out for my first try. I do enjoy fireworks but don't enjoy the crowds and traffic afterwards, so it was really nice to relax with friends and watch the works from their backyard!
Thanks, Kelly!


Chellie said...

Cool! I took photos of the fireworks for the first time this year, too! (I didn't have my tri-pod either!) Haven't uploaded them yet to see how they turned out.

Appalachian Muse said...


much better than my first effort..and I used a tripod!