Thursday, April 17

To Me

Happy Birthday!

I wasn't always happy about having an April birthday growing up. It was usually cold (in northern WI) and we couldn't play outside, because it was too cold or rainy. As I grew older, I have learned to love having an April birthday. Spring is my favorite time of year and I love tulips (all makes sense why my parents had me 37 yrs ago today). Oh, did I just share my real age? Pffttt...who cares when you get THIS old, right?

Right now, as my daughter enjoys her new Signing Time DVD,
I am sitting in the sun porch drinking a cup of this,

looking at this,
watching the lilac blossoms grow by the minute,
and listening to the school kids play outside and the birds chirping. It is 70 degrees and partly cloudy.
What a beautiful day.


Dori said...

Happy birthday to you!

When I was a kid I hated having a summer birthday, because my friends were always on vacation or summer camp. I was jealous of all the kids who got to have their birthdays during the school year. Now Kestrel has a November birthday, and she always wishes she could have a summer birthday.

Have a fabulous day. I ordered up this weather just for you...(it's OK, you don't have to bother sending a thank you).

Lys said...

Happy birthday to you!! Glad you're able to just relax a little and enjoy this gorgeous weather...hope someone manages to take a photo of the birthday girl...

DeEtte Gorrie said...

Happy Birthday dear little sis!


The Atkisson Family said...

Happy Birthday!! Meant to email you yesterday, but got sidetracked w/ R being in the hospital. Sorry! Hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Lisa said...

I'm SO glad the weather decided to celebrate your birth! And now I know the date of your birthday! I knew it was in April but didn't know which day. I guess I could have just asked! Here are my best wishes for your best year yet!