Sunday, April 6

Thoughts and Thorns

I have been inspired by a couple blogs that I read to do a post of random thoughts, or things that are on my mind. Nothing too deep, or involved - maybe it will help clear my head of all the thoughts floating around in there (or not). If you want to, read on (if not, I may have to impale you on this tree of thorns. These were at the Castle. Yikes!)

Things I've been up to/running around in my head (in no particular order):

1. I'm in a Peter Gabriel rut. Can't get enough of his music right now. I feel like a teenager.

2. Purple crocus' keep popping up in the strangest places in our back yard. I can never expect them anywhere.

3. Sarah starts school at the end of this month (every day for 2 1/2 hrs) - my baby's going to school! Enough said....

4. I haven't been taking pictures lately. Burn out, no time, who knows.

5. I want to decorate our bedroom. It needs it bad, but I just don't have the time or energy. Maybe I can contact Candice Olsen from Divine Design for some assistance? What am I saying, I need her help w/ our kitchen!

6. My NCAA brackets stink this year. Thanks to Duke, UCLA and Texas!

7. How many times can you listen to a song before you just can't hear it anymore?

8. CINCINNATI FLOWER SHOW - here we come! April 19th (you ready, Chel?)

That's enough for now. Glad I got those off my chest!

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