Tuesday, April 1

Get up and dance people!

Sometimes I get the urge to post more than just pictures (hence part of the blog title "and more"), but silly me gets nervous that no one really cares what's going on with me. Right now, I feel the movement in my bones so bad, that I have to blog! As you know, I spent the weekend with some cool ladies at the "castle". What I didn't know was that the owner is a Peter Gabriel fan, as am I. I have had several of his CD's that I haven't played in a while, but my favorite one is of his 1993 Secret World Tour and the song Shaking the Tree. Once I saw the castle owner had this DVD, I knew we had to watch it on the huge projection screen. I had no idea that the DVD was so darn COOL, otherwise it would have been in my collection a long time ago!

Here's the concert blurb of Shaking the Tree from the Secret World Tour in 1993. Beware, it's over 7 minutes long - just watch a few minutes of it and tell me you don't get the urge to get up and dance?! If you like this, check out his Steam concert version too (below).
BTW, thanks for dancing with me Chris and Dawn!

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Chellie said...

Yup. I got up and danced!

love you!