Friday, March 14

What do you know...about me

A Mom for All Seasons tagged me. Thanks for your very kind comment, btw. : )

5 Interesting things about me:

1. I love photography (huh..really?). I have had this hobby for over 11 yrs now and this past year have kicked it up a notch. My passion is nature/landscapes, but I keep getting distracted by my cute toddler and all my friend's adorable babies!

2. I am a reality TV show junky (maybe not yet, but I am approaching fast). Some faves are Survivor, Amazing Race, Make Me a Super Model, Project Runway, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (there's more, but this is getting embarrassing).

3. My husband and I have been in C-U for about 14 yrs. If our families decided to move out west, we'd probably go too. But we really do like it here. We appreciate all the U of I has to offer and the fact that we can hop in the car and drive to Indy, Chicago and St. Louis with no big effort.
Some water (i.e. river, lake) or something would be nice though.

4. Give me flowers, any kind, but tulips for sure. Having flowers in the house just makes me happy.

5. If I could come back in a different body, I would love be a dancer (not professionally, but kick-a** as an amateur). I just love watching Madonna, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Beyonce,

OK, now you're it Shannon, Joanna and Lisa.

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