Tuesday, February 19

Out of Here!

This will be my home starting Thursday morning for 5 days. I will be flying with my mom and meeting my two sisters there (Las Vegas). Words cannot express how excited I am! This is a MUCH needed break for me. Even though I will miss Sarah and Rob terribly, that won't keep me from relaxing and having a fabulous time with my family!
Vegas, Baby!


Chellie said...

Have a FANTASTIC time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Atkisson Family said...

Have a wonderful trip!! I am insanely jealous- you deserve it!!

Anonymous said...


love you aunte.. make sure my mom has a BLAST!!! (and you too :) )

Jen said...

Wishing I were with you...Hope you're having a great time!

Caleb & Olivia's Mom said...

The Excalibur!!!! That is where Ron and I eloped over 10 years ago!!! Ron was just there last month, said nothing changed :) Have fun people watching!!!!!