Thursday, January 3

"Now what's she up to?" (I can just hear ya.)

Daddy and Sarah playing piano

Well, you get me going and I can't stop. I am trying to figure out what in the world I want to do with this blog. I have decided that it will continue to be Neat Shots and More. I have created a more professional photography blog (over there ----> ) for those just interested in viewing those types of photos. This blog will more than likely be more daily life stuff and shots with updates on our lives. But just remember that I am not very wordy. I have a hard time writing "stuff" that I don't think people want to hear. Sometimes I think people could careless about what I have to say (not like it's anything profound). Even now, as I type, I will probably delete this post and start over with just a photo and a little blurb.

BUT, since it's the new year, shall I try to step out of my comfort zone? OK, here it goes.


Lys said...

LOVE the photo! And I like to hear what you have to say - so get off of that fence, out of that corner and outta that comfort zone - you go girl!

Chellie said...

I second that!!!

Tina said...

wonderful picture!!!!

HegartyFamily said...

I've been a viewer of your pictures for some time now! I thought it was time to tell you how amazing your photography is! You are an inspiration. I would love to actually talk with you about how you've learned your techniques! Maybe SOMEDAY I'll make it to a playgroup. Your page has inspired me to FINALLY start my own page of 'favorite' photos. Thank you, Donita! I'd love for you to share your knowledge!