Friday, January 11

Great Coffee Plug (listen up Dunkin Donuts)

We have a new store in town. It's the 2nd one in town, actually. But it's really close to my house and has a drive-thru {score}. I met some friends there this morning for some good coffee and "treats"(donuts for some and bagels for others). Dunkin Donuts recently beat out Starbucks in a survey for best tasting coffee. They also sell their coffee - two 16 0z bags for $11.99. Now, I just wish their coffee was fairly traded. That's a whole other topic, eh?

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Dori said...

I hear you!! DD is by far my favorite coffee. Back in the Boston area there is practically a Dunkin Donuts on every corner. It was a hard adjustment to move here and there was only ONE (Ok 2 if you count the one on University, which I don't).

Jenna said...

There are 3 in CU...but the newest one is right near me too. We like to go there for a treat. Its too tempting being so close (I pass the one on Green all the time too).

Meijer just started carrying their ground coffee.

denise gisele said...

Ok, now I really want to go there. I have NEVER had their coffee before and now I really need to try it.