Saturday, December 1

Where I'd like to be

It's a pretty hazardous day outside today, a little sleet, snow, rain, any watery kind of icky stuff you can mix up. Thankfully I went to the gym and worked out before it all started. Now, Rob and Sarah are napping and I have been enjoying my alone time by fiddling around on my computer, doing a little work, a little fun and lots of in between, while sipping on some English Breakfast tea with cream and sugar. Oh, yeah, there's the Traditional Holiday Music TV channel playing in the background.
It's been nice and cozy. After some time, I have become antsy and start to think of places, other than here, I'd rather be. I came across this picture and immediately thought, "I would love to be at the horse rescue (in Maryland) with my sister and niece". I took this picture when we visited a few weeks ago. It has such a warm, inviting mood to it. Can't you just smell the hay and horses and feel the warmth from the barn and stalls? It brings me back to my childhood with our horse, Syrina. We used to spend lots of cold, wintry days together in the small barn or outside huddling together for companionship and warmth. : ) There are MANY other places I'd like to be, but right now, at this moment, this place is most inviting!

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