Saturday, December 29

Holidays, etc.

hoWe are having a great time on "holiday", as the Brits say it (do the Aussie's say it too, Lys?). We are still enjoying our time away. Since we've been gone we've eaten lots of great food...

pork roast at Grandma and Grandpa's

...played Bingo and white elephant gifts at Mimi and Papa's

and made various types of characters with play dough (notice the new sunglasses, courtesy of Mimi and Papa).

Once we get home on Sunday, I will be able to post more pictures. There may be some changes coming to Neat Shot and More as well. You'll just have to wait and see : )

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Lys said...

Yes, in the land of Oz it's holidays...not vacation!

Love the photo of the roast - makes me hungry just looking at it! Glad you're having fun - see you next week!

Amy (3 Peas) said...

Mmmmmmmmm that photo makes me hungry! :D

Tina said...

changes? What kind of changes? I HAVE to know! LOL Miss ya! Glad that you are having a nice vacation! Happy New Year!

Chellie said...

Cool pictures! Sarah looks so cute and like she is having a blast! Miss you!