Friday, November 23

Thanks...(a day late)

I am thankful for the opportunity I have to stay at home with my precious little girl. {I do not miss the "outside the home" work world one bit! } I am thankful for a loving and suppportive (he made me delete "gorgeous") husband - that adores me. I hope everyone had a great, relaxing Thanksgiving.
We missed you Phil, Missie, Greg, Kim, Chris, Kristi, Dee, Steve, Hannah, Josh, Sophie, Hope, Sassy, Sadie, Tucker and Buddy (whew).

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Anonymous said...

We missed you, too but are grateful to have spent four days with you here in MD. Thanks for taking the time and energy to come out, Neat.

Love you!

Dee,Steve, Hannah, Joshua, Sophie, Hope, Tucker and Rompus.