Tuesday, October 9

Weekend update #2

We made it home last night. As you can see from the photo below, Rob and his brother are just fine. We walked around Chicago the day after the marathon, if that lets you know how well they are doing. Here's a few spots for more information on the marathon if you are interested. Chicago Marathon, Runners World
and Chicago Tribune

We really appreciate all your emails and comments of support concerning the guys and the race. I just feel for the family of the 35 y/o man with 3 kids who died (apparently due to heart condition and not the heat). There is a lot of reactions happening right now around the race: should they move the time, date; different location, etc. We'll see what happens. AND we'll be there next year (hopefully in Chicago) : )

Always need to include the squirt. I love this shot! We are tucked away outside of Giordano's on Lake and Michigan in Chicago.
(This was taken with my 50mm f/1.8 lens.)

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Anonymous said...

So glad the Jake-boys finished! One victory can be claimed from the weekend, hum?

Kiss the squirt for me.