Saturday, October 6


My hubby is running the Chicago marathon tomorrow morning with his brother. He's been training REALLY hard this year and has some good expectations regarding his finish time. The anxiety and excitement have been building this week.
So, to throw a "kink" in the plans, he and his dad were given Cubs playoff tickets for tonight's 5pm game. This got a yell and a few jumps in the living room last night out of Rob (and for anyone who knows him, that is saying A LOT). I am SO excited for Rob and my FIL, but I have such conflicting feeling - absolute excitement and insane jealousy. We'll have to work on those on the ride up!

Good luck, Rob and GO CUBBIES!

(See you in a few days.)

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Ellen said...

Hey Donita, hope the marathon went well!! I'm in the area and I didn't even know it was happening, how sad is that? lol. I also don't even know if the Cubs won or lost, which I guess is an even worse thing not to know! :)

Lisa said...

Just saw at Runner's World about the marathon. What a shame! Did Rob get to finish? I hope he's ok -- physically and mentally. That must have been very disappointing and scary for you too!