Saturday, October 27

Planned Photos

I usually don't plan a photo shoot with Sarah, it just happens. However, today was a nice day, the sun was peeping out and the trees in our neighborhood are gorgeous right now. So, off Sarah, Rob and I went down the street where I knew this beautiful tree was yellow and the sun would be hitting it just right. After a 5 minute walk, the clouds rolled in and no sun to be found.
I did manage to get this cute one, but most of the shoot went...

like this...

{like the pumpkin hat, Heather? I found it on sale at Gymboree today. Thanks for letting me copy off from Emie!}
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Chellie said...

I feel for ya, Babe! I have lost count of how many of our planned photo shoots end up that way. Come to think of it, I don't even know why I keep trying! Hang in there.